Curious about the material world of All Souls? Then you’ve arrived at the right place!

An art historian by training (PhD focused on manuscripts & gender representation in Late Anglo-Saxon England), I found the All Souls World with a little help from a couple good friends (*cough* Mandy, Summer, & Ginger) who thought I’d enjoy the books. After a few months of prodding, I finally picked up the first book and was instantly hooked. I didn’t just fall in love with the characters and story, but also the world they inhabited, the objects they encountered, and, ultimately, how Deborah Harkness brought the material culture of the past to life so vividly. After all, as an art historian and tutor, I’m often left wondering how something was used, why it was made, and what makes it so special. (I also lead a project on medieval colour, which you can read more about at here!) Then (in denial about needing to prep for my impending viva & writing postdocs), I decided to start writing down the different objects and places mentioned in the world and create a sort of encyclopaedia of them including what Deb says inspired them and what they reminded me of.

Eventually, all of the art (and hopefully architecture) will be included, sorted by book. Each post tackles one particular thing and will include a little history, a little context, a few pictures, and a small bibliography for further exploration.

You can browse via the book menus or the Entry Directory. The Entry Directory also includes both planned and completed blogs so you can see what is coming!

I’m happy to answer questions about anything, so just drop me a line here.