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The entries, both planned and completed, can be found here. While you can browse by book via the site menus, if you are looking for a particular object or location, this will take you directly to that page! They’re listed alphabetically by title (or description) of the object. Where there is a completed entry, the title will be hyperlinked to take you there. If it is not hyperlinked, the entry is not complete. To read about objects by book, use the menus at the top of the page. If you see something missing that you are curious about, get in touch, and I’ll add it!

Ashmole 782

Aurora Consurgens

Bosch Altarpiece

Bourgot Le Noir

Bethany Ampulla

Hamish’s Hunting Lodge

Chelsea Porcelain

Diana Statue

Elizabeth I Portrait

Eppendorf Root

Face Jugs

Frans Hals

Hamilton Landscape: ‘A New Hamilton’


Holbein, St Jerome

Holbein, Henry VIII

Holbein, Margaret Moore

Hilliard, General

Hilliard, Portraits of Matthew & Diana

Italian Mannerism

Italian Glassmaker

Jean Pillement

Lady Lilith, Rossetti 

Peter Lely, Louisa in Yellow

Master Spranger, Venus

Mt Olympus Tapestry

Necklace, Order of the Dragon

Necklace, Salamander

The Old Lodge

Portrait of Phillipe & Ysabeau

Ripley Scroll & Mary Sidney’s Wall Murals

Saint Lucien’s: Matthew’s Church

Scribble Ring

Sept Tours

Sept Tours: Broadsword & Armour

Sept Tours: Crucifix & Ivory Virgin

Sept Tours Entryway Paintings

Sept Tours: Library

Sèvres Vase

Silver Salt

St Vitus Cathedral

Titian, Venus

The Unicorn Tapestry

Vermeer, Matthew

Voynich Manuscript

Walsingham Tapestries

Wine Ewer

A Discovery of Witches TV

101: A Medievalist’s Thoughts on Manuscripts & Materiality

102: Heartbeats & Hamish

103: The Artwork of Episode 3

104: Of Covenants, the Congregation, and Alchemy

105: The Body as Text 

106: Of Weavers, Drums, Marking, and Beginnings

107: Houses and Daemons and Spellbinding: Oh My! (Aka The Penultimate Episode)

108: On Light

108, Part Two: On Congregations, Real & Shadow

108, Part Three: Three Objects to Timewalk: May the Past Protect and Guide Us

Season 2 Preview: What I’m Watching For

Miscellanea: All Souls Related Objects and Ideas

George Ripley’s The Compound of Alchemy

Digitised Manuscripts

All Souls Con 2018 Slides

All Souls Con 2019 Bibliography

All Souls Con 2019 Slides 

A Discovery of Witches Real Time Reading